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About us

At CIPO & BAXX, customer satisfaction comes first. We are a company that produces high -quality clothing and attach great importance to the needs of our esteemed customers.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction:
Our greatest pleasure is to satisfy our customers. We understand that satisfied customers are the foundation of our success. Therefore, we are continuously working on exceeding your expectations. Your satisfaction is our drive to constantly improve.

Customer centering focus:
We listen carefully and learn from our customers. Your preferences, requirements and feedback are invaluable for us. This understanding enables us to develop products that not only meet the current standards, but also meet individual needs.

Our strength in numbers:
Our modern production facility and our committed team of over 600 employees work hand in hand to deliver high -quality articles efficiently and promptly.

Our focus on your satisfaction:
At CIPO & BAXX, we value transparency, reliability and quality. Our products should not only meet requirements, but also exceed expectations. The positive experiences of our customers are our motivation.

The voice of our customers:
Our customers are not just a buyer, but a partner. Your feedback influences our decisions and inspire us to continue to improve. We appreciate your opinions and share your enthusiasm for high -quality clothing.

Common future:
Our trip doesn't stop here. We will continue to focus on customer satisfaction and strive to meet and exceed expectations. Our website CIPO & BAXX is a place where you can not only explore our products, but also become part of a community that shares our values.

Sustainability is important to us:
We have long been relating to solar energy to make our contribution to the environment. We produce 80% of our electrics through solar energy. As an environmentally conscious company, we undertake to pack the remaining products in an environmentally friendly manner and use recyclable materials. Our excess fabrics go to recycling companies, where they are used again. Even parts that can be found in unexpected places, such as nets, are collected and reused.

Our values ​​in the work environment:
We attach great importance to quality, even in our meals. That is why we cook our own meal to ensure that it is fresh, clean and high quality. We have a warm and social working atmosphere in which everyone is valued as an important part of the team. We receive our fruit and vegetables from the region and do everything we can to let our employees work in a healthy and suitable environment.

Thank you for being part of our customer family. We look forward to growing together and continuing our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Cipo & Baxx team